Simon Curtis – Former Head of Production
at Royal Exchange Theatre

Travis is extremely knowledgeable regarding stage/automation equipment and techniques. He is creative, collaborative and always willing to share and learn new skills. He is a thoughtful project manager and great with those around him who are learning. He is passionate about theatre and making it. I thoroughly recommend him.

Jason Berner – Dean at Contra Costa College

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Travis Hiner. I have known Travis since January 2016, when he began working as the Theatre Staging Specialist (TSS) at Contra Costa College in Richmond, California. As dean of the Liberal Arts Division, I supervised Travis in this position.

From the moment he was hired, Travis began establishing himself as a creative and innovative member of the Contra Costa College community. He took over the TSS position from someone who had retired after holding the job for over thirty years. While the previous TSS was highly skilled and experienced, Travis was able to immediately invigorate the CCC Drama Department, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative approach to theatrical productions. Soon after beginning his work at CCC, for example, he oversaw the installation of a large state-of-the-art screen, instantly expanding the technical possibilities for Drama Department productions. And while Travis greatly increased the use of technology in our theater space, he also brought an old-fashioned, problem-solving technical director sensibility to our productions: Suddenly, our sets and other design elements reflected a level of skill and craftsmanship that had been missing in earlier years.

I have also been impressed by Travis’s collegiality and professionalism. Here at CCC, we are faced with chronic budget challenges. Despite this, Travis always works with directors and faculty members to ensure that their shows and classes are as well-produced as possible. He seeks out creative solutions for design challenges, and remains patient and considerate when dealing with unexpected challenges.

I am very sorry to see Travis go, but I have no doubt that he will find success in his future endeavors. I give him my highest recommendation.

 Carlos-Manuel Chavarría – Professor of Theatre & Chair of the Drama Department
at Contra Costa College

Travis Hiner worked in the Drama Department at Contra Costa College as Theatre Stage Specialist. He worked under my supervision and I must say working with Travis was a delight.

He is very knowledgeable in theatre design as well as very savvy with computers programs, film production, and photography.

Travis was a good match in our department, always attending meetings and going beyond the expectations in all projects. He has a great personality; he’s charismatic and easy to get along with.

As the Chair of the Drama Department, I was very happy and always thankful that Travis was working with us because his ideas were always innovated and challenging.

Scott Price – Director of Operations, Event Technology

Working with Travis as Faculty at Contra Costa College was an enjoyable time. Travis had many responsibilities and many hats to wear. He approached all aspects of his work with detailed planning and execution. Travis is a collaborator who truly enjoys what he does. He will succeed at whatever he is working on. Contra Costa College and its students are lucky to have him.

Nicola Maurantonio – Master Magician, Guest Entertainer

Travis is kind and helpful. He’s responsible, efficient and always available. I worked with Travis in the Stardust Theatre of the Norwegian Spirit and was always a pleasure to meet him and work with him. In a show of great illusions is really important the backstage tech. before, during and after the show and Travis was my right arm in the preparation of the show. The success on the stage is always to share with people who work well with you and Travis is without doubt one of the best I’ve ever met. Thank you, Travis. Cripton

Scott Coopwood – Actor, Educator, Private Coach…

I worked with Travis for two seasons at MSC. I was employed as an actor and as a carpenter on the build. Travis is a great boss. Always prepared, detail-oriented and easy going. Travis made the workplace professional but also fun. He is always aware and concerned with speed, cost, and efficiency but never at the expense of safety. I would work for him again anytime, anywhere.

Lesley Schisgall Currier – Managing Director
at Marin Shakespeare Company

Travis is a skilled and personable Technical Director. He completed his duties with diligence and an excellent attitude. We recommend his work.

Shawna Eiermann – Partner Support Supervisor (West)| Telecom Jack of All Trades |Lyricist| Musician | Singer | Performance Artist

Travis is a very kind, efficient, and hard-working man. I had the pleasure of working with him on San Francisco State’s The Barber of Saville, and he was an absolute delight.


Theatre, as an art form, is best produced as a collaborative effort. It is through the symbiosis of collective travels and experiences that brings a sense of authenticity and relatability to story. Although one person may draw upon their experience to create a narrative, it is through collaboration of process and design that molds that singular moment into a group catharsis. It is my belief that all our lives can be used to build upon to create a reality onstage; both in the sense of a creative piece, and in the tangible sense of the physical set. Although a technical director creates the technical design and construction schedule, much as the author creates text; other aspects of the scenographic elements should be open to the influences of the team.